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Urban Studies Lab is looking for an intern.

| Research Intern (2 Positions)

Skills and requirements: - Able to conduct end to end research process: Designing research methodology build questionnaire/discussion guide executing fieldwork/survey data analysis deriving insights from data/ information - Participate in the development of training for clients, colleagues, and partners about related topics - Bachelor Degree in any related field - Working experiences in conducting qualitative and/or quantitative research studies - Ability to work both independently and as part of a team. - If the applicant has a background in urban studies will be specially considered. .

| Placemaking & Community engagement (1 Positions)

Skills and requirements: -Analyze/elaborate drawings of designs for projects. -Research materials and propose new solutions for the projects. - Assist the company in improving and optimizing the efficiency of the properties as well as materials to be used for the project. - Produce maps and conduct analysis. - Help with the implementation of community engagement. - Prepare data visualizations and present findings and recommendations. .

| Knowledge Management (1 Positions)

Skills and requirements: -Copywriting, captions, and other forms of engaging written content. -Take on existing projects, making creative improvements. -Proposing design ideas to the team. -Skills in content creation tools. -Good understanding of social media channels and their trends. -Working patiently and ready to learn constantly. -Ready to listen and work well with the team. -Excellent task and time management .

Benefits ✅ Hybrid workplace ✅ Leadership development ✅ Training for social and community work ✅ Paid internship

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If interested, please submit a cover letter, CV, portfolio (.pdf format) to cc:

Join us to create a better city!


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