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Schindler's “Urban Happiness” Research

Schindler Group commissioned the Urban Happiness project. It is a pilot project initiated to explore and understand how digital technologies may be a tool in addressing the current situation in Nang Loeng and other similar neighbourhoods.

The project used a multifaceted process that involved the design of the final product as much as participatory user feedback and field research.

A granular study focused on a specific subject and user group within the Nang Loeng community, the app has been designed in reverse, starting from the desired outcomes. These have been specified to consider the modes of social interactions in the group, its demographics, and recent history.

The Urban Happiness App aims to utilise an online platform for community engagement and empowerment, hoping to collectively identify hotspots and existing assets within the neighbourhood and seek out opportunities for improving their physical condition through an evidence-based approach.

Through this process that involves and encourages the social activity of existing community members, the Urban Happiness platform serves as a central point for fostering a greater sense of ownership and identity in the area, helping to build the necessary coalitions and social capital needed to influence future development in Nang Loeng.

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